Saturday, April 17, 2010

Review: Top 10 Biggest Logo Design Mistakes

Article title: top 10 biggest logo design mistakes

Publishing date:
April 3rd, 2010

Making mistake is not a crime, but facing its consequences is something that makes you regret on your mistake. Same goes to the logo designing. Many blunders are done even by the biggest companies of the world. Sometimes it’s from the logo designers, and sometimes it’s because of the ideology team that works off the scene. Everyone is aware of the damage that can be done to a company because of a faulty logo design. This is the reason why companies spend thousands of dollars on their logos, just like; London 2012 Summer Olympics Logo, Cover the Earth Logo, Check Point Software Technologies Logo, MobileMe Logo, Buffalo Sabres Logo, Bing Logo and so on. The following article “Top 10 Biggest Logo Design Mistakes” enlightens the biggest mistakes of logo designing world in detail which is what makes this article a must read. Click here to read this article.

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