Thursday, November 26, 2009

Small Business Logo Design: Increase Your Profit by the Power of Branding

In this era of life, no business can imagine to run without an attractive logo and the state of the art website. Every day, thousands of businesses are established all over the world, and double the number of websites comes on the screen of internet as well.

For that reason, small business owners look for any competent logo design company to get a powerful logo for their businesses.

When it comes to design, online logo design companies could be the first choice of any entrepreneur. The reason we see is the easy access and affordability. Open any search engine; put a keyword and search, many pages filled with online logo design companies will appear in front of you.

Importance of a Logo for Your Business

Every human being has a different face to be identified and recognized among other people; similarly, every business needs to have a unique logo design to differentiate itself from other businesses. Business logo on the first hand is used for building company’s professional image, and on the other hand, is used as a marketing and promotional tool.

Remember that logo designing is a long term investment; therefore, choose a logo design company wisely. Don’t just go for a cheap logo design; rather hire a company that will create a quality logo design at a reasonable price.


By just looking at the logo, one will understand why the business is here and what the business goal and objectives are, like as follows:

• Small business logo design describes the business entity, its purpose/ mission/ vision/ reason for being there in market.
• What is the entity’s structure? (Sole corporation, subsidiary, franchiser, joint venture, etc.)
• What products/services does the entity provide?
• What market(s) does the entity competing in?
Small business logo design creates fears for the competitors.
• Small business logo designs are the hot buttons for customer motivation.
• And on the last note, the small business logos create difference between competitors.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Shortcut to Trust and Credibility

Importance of Logo Design to Branding and Marketing

The brand is a powerful visual language used to support a company’s communication with its consumers. The aim and objective of the brand is to create a lasting impression that results in a consumer bond and creates loyal customers. The logo is the point of entry to a brand.

Business logos design is a reflection of the brand strategy. Being a visual tool that supports the brand, business logos are very important. A business logo design is the face of a brand, but it is not the brand. However it helps it to be recognized and acknowledged. Not having a business logo would be like being a faceless person.

One might have a great physique, a great personality and a radio voice, but without a face no one would ever be able to identify that person. There would not be anything to tie all those things together.

However the logo design is the mental image of a brand, it is the fastest way for a firm to be recognized and even preferred, a logo by itself is not a brand, but a brand without a logo is, in my opinion, incomplete.

Throughout the modern era, corporate logo design continued to increase in significance as a product differentiators and a corporate identifier. Today, logos have become such a part of the modern landscape that not only do we often fail to realize how ubiquitous they have become, but we could hardly function without them acting as signposts, helping us navigate supermarket aisles, newsstands, department stores, and even city streets.

Busy consumers on the sidewalks of today’s metropolis, for example, are constantly on the lookout for logos that can direct them at-a-glance to ATM machines, fast food restaurants, popular clothing stores, and vending machines.

Brands send messages to consumers that the products or services they represent are superior to those of their marketplace rivals. This is becoming increasingly important as today’s consumer becomes more and more “cash rich and time poor,” meaning that consumers are forced to rely on corporate identity and product branding to help them choose quickly among an ever-increasing number of competing products and services.

Symbols like brand logos are more than “mere labels” for branded products; they serve as “visual shorthand” for communicating a brand message and promise to consumers. So it concludes that if a business wants to create a brand image in the market then they must own a business logo design which holds their identity and helps in Branding Marketing Strategy.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ready, Get set, LoGO!

Why a new company needs Business LOGO-ing its brand before it sets foot in the corporate world!
You set, you are ready but before you go you need a business logo! A Business Logo is the most imperative tool required to run on the track of the corporate world that is already taken over with fierce competition and experienced race course runners.

If you are starting a new company, you may have a big idea, you may be a group of enthusiastic individuals devoted to progress but if you don’t have a unique business logo design to represent and advertise you, if you don’t have good marketing techniques to boost your business—all your effort is going down the drain. Since, it would remain unrecognized and unappreciated amongst the clutter of other companies already offering the same service. It’s very important to ascribe to your brain child a perfect business logo that will set it apart from the others-that will eventually become its identity.

It is a known fact that most of the new companies that register their new business, close down by the end of the year marking the end to that big idea that it started with. One of the reasons being negligence of importance of logos and branding tools to propagate and advertise their business .Referring back to Bible what made Adam superior over all the other worshipers of God was his knowledge-his ability to name things. Well when you begin with your small business with a vehement desire to grow by leaps and bounds you have to get your business logo it right. That’s right you heard me correctly it’s not about naming its logo-ing it correctly. Thus naming and Logo-ing it’s the hallmark of being a human.

Giving your company the best representative fa├žade or Business logo should be your first priority. If a man walks up to you on a street asks you to buy even a box of cornflakes from him when you a chain of super stores right across would you even care to listen what he has to say about his soda? Heck no. The audience trusts the faces they recognize and only buy often from the companies that have an identity or have proved themselves in the past. Why would anyone bother risking it with you if you are a new stranger in the neighborhood or a new kid at school?

Professional business logos provide you a vantage position to present yourself as a reliable brand. It is therefore crucial to understand the important of business as industry tools employed for the purpose of generating a vivid identity and fostering brand recognition of your company.

Even in the clutter of business logos that have mushroomed along with the other new companies ubiquitously that it had made the possibility of standing out even more thinner. Though a good logo is retained by even young minds even before they learn how to pronounce the name of the company let alone spell it.

And there is always a story behind every famous business logo:

A Business Logo will ascertain your chances to be recalled by your customer or targeted audience, would put forward a professional image of you. The design, typography and the color of a Business logo has to identify the business field and reflect an in depth research into the specific industry. The design has to be vivid, simple, and viable to ascertain retention portraying the images and symbols closely related to the industry. The color chosen should be commonly associated and attributed with the business field. The typography should be reflective of the exuberance or somberness of the profession.

“People see our professional logo, and see that we’re here from year to year and that builds trust,” said Tina Zoltan, owner of Oak Leaf Landscape in Grove land Florida. “If we can send the message of professionalism through our logo, a lot of the work is done for us.”
People like wearing brands, sporting them and what makes one product from the other is just its logo market on a small fraction of its surface! Just think of it!

Any child can recognize the golden arches of Mac Donalds from far distances, any one of you can’t force to hide a smile when you receive a pair of sneakers as a gift with a Nike swoosh inscribed on it- Last word of advice here, so before you decide to put them on and run on the track of business growth as a new company- remember to Logo your company right!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Does Your Custom Logos Design Boost up Your Business?

It’s a very well known matter now that giant corporate companies are craving to spend a huge amount of expense to hire the professional logo designers to create their custom logo designs. If it was slightly a non-profit deal, do you really thing they go for it? Probably not!

There is only one sort of logo design that can create wonders in your business and that is a "Custom Logo Design".

Custom means exclusive, matchless, unique…etc. other than that clip art logos on online template style logos are never said to be customized. They neglect the core meaning of custom logo designs.

Distinguishing between the quality and guarantee of custom logo graphic designs by the professional custom logo designers and the one that has been adopted by some software or clipart modulation? About same as the difference when you see a picture created by Leonardo de Vinci and the local road street sketcher.

The logo you are seeing right in-front of your eyes was created for a business card company, which enlightening what the business is about in very few amount of words.

Logos first property is that they must be built on most simplistic tone, bearing a powerful story to grab the attention of the target audience.

Customers who are in a rush don’t want to stop and solve the enigma behind your logos design to understand what you really want to convey. Un-contextual symbols, tilted messages and taglines won’t be worth it.