Sunday, May 29, 2011

Free Lance Logo Designer - To Hire Or Not Hire!

This article will provide you with a sneak peek into the thought of hiring freelance logo designers. They are undoubtedly cheap as compared to the graphic design companies but can cost you much more later on. That way a business owner has to suffer a lot unless he studies a lot before hiring any kind of online service. There are thousands of disadvantages associated with a freelance logo designer that include:

1-He may be a fraud:

You never know, he will run away after the final payment. There are so many online frauds going on these days just because many people just hire any service without researching about them.

2-No customer support:

Unlike professional graphic design company, he won’t be able to serve you 24/7 because of the fact that he may be sleeping at nights. Companies who are serious about their business and clients provide 24 hours customer support.


He may be inexperienced and amateur. He is merely trying to practice his expertise on you because you are a new fish and you don’t know anything about online world. This is why, many of the freelance graphic designers’ charges very low as compare to the experienced ones.


You may even don’t know if he is registered or not. That way, logo designers can’t show their credibility to you and you won’t hire them if you are smart enough. Even if he show one to you; who knows its for real?

Hence, four points are the major ones as there are thousands of other disadvantages that are enough to convince the readers about freelance logo designers and their unreliability.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Online Logo Designer – Is It the Best Option?

Just Google it and you will find thousands of graphic designers that have made their mark working online. If you have just dipped your toes in the business world then chances are that you may want to get your corporate identity through an online company logo designer.

If that’s the case, you need to find the best and that’s the biggest issues of online businesses. The best way to find out the graphic designer or company online is to see what level of credibility they enjoy. You can conduct market research to find out on which position they stand.

You can also check out the reviews of online companies written by various peoples and sometimes their old clients. That way, you will get the whole ideas of the picture in seconds. Portfolio checking seems to be another perfect idea to get what a company is all about.

An online logo designer portfolio can give you an idea of the quality of the work they have been doing. You can also check if there is any logo that can be related to your business or not. This way, you will be able to determine if they can design the logo of your level. You can also take some ideas from these samples to draw your own logo but that would require some training and expertise.

Thereby, you can use some common sense to determine which online logo designer would be most suitable for you and your business. You can also use the preceding ideas to select the best suitable graphic design service online. A word of advice is that the biggest priority should be of your budget and nothing else.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

What Are The Constituents Of A Logo Design Website?

A website is a wholesome mixture of many components that are considered mandatory for them. Although, it may depend on the designer or an owner, what does he want in a website? Furthermore, it highly depends on the genre or nature of a website as well.

Anyhow there are some elements that you will always find in a logo design website. They are:

1-Home page:

Home page is where the whole website leans heavily. It is the beginning of a website. Therefore, it demands extra amount of attention from a graphic designer.

2-About me:

This especially goes with company oriented websites where it looks very important to provide all information about the company from its history to present efforts.

3-Contact information:

Every company does provide a way to contact them so that they can easily convert their prospective customers into real ones. It is therefore, very important to provide contact information which may have:

You email address:
Your Postal address:
Telephone number:
Feedback form:
Fax number if any:

4-Products/ services:

This is the most important thing when designing a website. Here we are only talking about companies who deal in some way or the other with products and services. That means if you are running a logo design firm then you must provide a logo design portfolio there on your website. Personal websites may have different scenario. However, if you somehow deal with the services and products then you must definitely have it on your website.

Therefore, the most important thing is the presentation and when your presentation is good then automatically you will sound professional. That way you will be able leave a long lasting impression on the minds of your targeted customers. Furthermore, you can add up to as many features as you like but make sure it comprise of the preceding features in the first place.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Four Pillars Of Logo Design Firms

A company is registered every single day which makes marketing even more important. There may be many marketing tools available but a thing which has taken over the world with its extra amount of return is a logo design.

That is why, graphic design industry has boomed like anything in last few decades. Graphic designing has become the most intriguing way of making money even if you are working home based. Logo design firms are therefore growing like anything.

What can you expect from logo design firms?


They are professionals. They are trained to do that work and hence, have an edge over the other logo design options such as logo design software, maker, creator etc. A professional organization not only treat their customers well but make sure that they get the best results possible, no matter how many revisions it takes.


As indicated earlier, they are trained to that work they are doing. They are not only built in creative but have polished skills. Therefore, you can expect best results out of them. That way, you will get the face for your organization.

Customer satisfaction:

Customer is always right. The phrase goes very well with the situation. Customer satisfaction is the first and the most important thing for them, this is why, today, most of the graphic design companies offers unlimited revision feature so that a customer is fully satisfied in the end.


The range of packages logo design companies offer is the best thing about them because it not only serves big companies but low budget companies as well. They can select any package depending on their need, business requirement and pocket.

Hence, if you sit and compare the benefits that a professional can render you with those free options, you will not waste a single more minute and opt for them.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

How Can A Free Logo Maker Destroy You?

Are you dying to get a free logo maker for your business because you don’t have that much money to pay a graphic designer? If that’s the case then let me tell you, you will be better off without it if it is created by a free logo maker.

As there are thousands of business owners who are today, cursing themselves as they got their brand mark identity from a free creator. If you want to curse yourself then that’s your choice but before that you should have a look at this article.

Suppose you have got it from a free creator and now its been a year. Let me tell you what you will be feeling at this point in time.

You will be like banging your head against the wall for your friend makes fun of you all the time. The time you created your brand mark was your early business years, there nobody knew you. Now you are an established business owner and thus, your corporate identity looks very childish in front of your business. You will be helpless as well as you cannot revamp your logo as compared to your competitors as a logo created through this software is nothing but a composition of clipart with nothing creative in free logo makers.
Furthermore, once you have officially launched your logo, you cannot change it as it becomes your business face. What can be worse than this? You cannot change, you cannot revamp, in short, you cannot mend the damage. Prevention is better than cure, therefore, why not analyze and scan every option you have today in order to avoid future problems.

Hence, it is not only about you but its about your whole business image, think about it.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two Things You Cannot Ignore About Free Logo Design Software

Have you ever pondered over why there are so many free logo design makers available over the internet? If you haven’t then its high time that you weigh the pros and cons before taking any final decision if you are a business owner and want to get your corporate identity in a affordable rate.

If we compare the service of a professional with that of a free software, we can safely assume that we would end up on a long list of disadvantages of these free makers and vice versa. Lets take a point and on the degree, we must weigh them both.


The sole purpose of creating a logo design is to come up with a unique brand mark identity. Uniqueness is when nobody has the same thing as you have. If software is available to you over the internet then I am sure, thousands of the people have an access to it. So through such common software, will you be able to come up with a unique piece of brand recognition device?

On the other hand, a professional works solely on your project investing his time, brain and expertise. No matter how creative or uncreative he is, he will surely fork up something that is unique because he is not being used by any other person.

Creative freedom:

You must have something in your mind about your future corporate identity. Ask yourself, would you be able to design a logo from free logo design software that renders limited amount of resources? Of course not especially with those prefabricated logo templates.

On the other hand, a professional will have all the creative freedom in the world and you as well. Nothing could be better than two minds working on a creative project. You may guide them from time to time what kind of brand mark you want.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Three Things You Should Know About Free Logo Creator Online

Free is the word that attracts everyone, which is why, various websites uses this phenomenon to lure the audience. I know that’s wrong but free has become link bait. The tragedy is not limited to website but softwares as well.

Although, some are free for real but not all of them says the truth.

We are talking about free logo creator that you can find in a huge quantity over the internet. These flash-driven websites may present you various short term benefits by downloading their software but the reality is other way round, you have to pay the price in the end!

You will be asked to pay the price in two terms:

1-In the form of your hard won money.

2-In the form of your brand, product, service or company’s reputation.
Can we say you will be paying the price of destroying your own company’s image? Though, it may render you some short term benefits but in the long run, you will be facing the fire and there will be no way out. You will be then DOWN FOR THE COUNT!

Some problems that you didn’t know before are:

1-It is not free. Check it out after downloading, it will definitely charge you 39$, 49$ or even 99$ to use the clipart which you can get for free as well. Open Microsoft PowerPoint or word and collect as many clipart as you want.

2-Your competitor might be using free logo creator online as well as you are not the only person who may be subjected to the free idea.

3-It is not legal. In other words, you cannot claim the rights at any case if you encounter the same looking logo somewhere else. He has the same rights of using free softwares just like the way you can.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Do You Know About These File Formats?

Do you know which file format would be useful for your newly made logo design? Do you have any idea about the file formats you are using? If you don’t have it then you are probably at the right place. Rather it would be better to say; you will say it by yourself once you are done with article reading that you reached at the right place.

There are two file formats that will be discussed by me today that are logo bmp and psd.

Logo PSD:

PSD – Photoshop document that is the hot favorite of contemporary graphic designers or should I say, serious and professional graphic designers. Anyhow, raster based files consisting of lots of layers and channels are usually drawn on Photoshop graphic design software. I am sure you know about it!

The range of creativity it offers is unprecedented and incomparable with other design software except that of an illustrator which stands level headed with Photoshop. Not only that it supports almost all image modes including duotone, RGB and LAB etc. if you are using Photoshop and for some reason you have to convert the extension than you can do it very easily by following some very easy steps.

Logo BMP:

Bitmap is also a hot favorite but only for the kids who love for participating in school drawing competitions. Bitmap supports RGB colors and 1, 4, 8 and 24 bits per channel that is very much less that PSD files. Though Photoshop support bmp files but paint doesn’t support psd ones. So if you have noticed there is a great difference between the both file formats.

Hence, now you know which software is useful for which purpose. This way, you will also be able to decide which file format would be useful for your logo designs.