Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Unique Logo Designs of the Film Industry

A film company’s logo is the first thing shown at the start of a movie but gains the least attention of its viewers.

Whenever I watched a movie from the start, the film maker’s logo design always grabbed my attention. Although logo design is not what a person is there to watch, nevertheless a film maker’s logo does have a faint bit of attraction there. If one looked closely, logo designs of film companies hold their own meanings and there is an interesting air about them. Some unique logo designs are discussed here for your information.

The Warner Brothers Logo design

The Warner Brothers logo is there on the scene since 1918. The logo design is based on a shield with WB initials in the middle of it. Like any other famous logo design, the WB logo has also gone through few changes during its ninety years or so. However, its shield remained the unique part of the logo design.

MGM Logo design

MGM is short for Metro Goldwyn Mayer which started in 1924. This unique logo design features the lion as the prime symbol placed between film reels in an artistic manner. The full name of the company also appears at the top of the lion showing the power behind an impressive logo design.

The Walt Disney Pictures Logo design

This famous logo design shows a castle under an arch with the name Walt Disney Pictures at the bottom. The castle depicts the well renowned main theme of the Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

Paramount Pictures Logo design

The Paramount Pictures logo design with the word Paramount encircled by stars and the famous mountain image in the background is simply breathtaking. Although this unique logo design has seen few changes but the central ideas of the mountain and encircling stars remains the same.

The Universal Logo design

The Universal logo design has been through a lot of changes since its inception but the main feature is still there. At first, the logo design had a globe with the company name encircling it while the newer versions show the name in the foreground.

The Columbia Pictures Logo design

Yet another unique logo design that despite some reworks, retains the essence of its central idea, The Columbia Lady with her famous torch. This is one of the logo designs I recognize from my childhood days.

The Unique Logo design of 20th Century Fox Pictures

Another expressive logo design that has seen changes over the years but its unique feature the main tower and search lights remain in the picture. This one is also a favorite in my list of unique logo designs.

Stay tuned for more basic information on stylish and unique logo designs of the film industry.

End Note: The contents are the view points of the author and questions/responses are MORE than welcome.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What important questions must be asked by Logo Design Service?

Investing in the development of a logo for your business can make BIG changes in your businesses reputation and credibility. Taking the time to work with one of the designers through a logo development process, you may find yourself discovering attributes and strengths that you never realized your business possessed.
Before designing a custom logo design the meeting with the client must be organized to inquire what are there wants and desires and how they want their logo to appear.

A brief guide of questions is given which must be undertaken to visualize the demands of the company desiring for a custom logo design.

? Company name exactly how it should appear in the logo
? Company Website
? Business Information
? Type of Company
? Primary Product or Service
? Company Mission Statement
? What sets you apart from your competitors?
? Project Information
? Where will this logo appear most often? (Brochures, Postcard, Stationary, Posters, Sell Sheets, Catalogues, Flyers, Invitation, Note, Cards, Graphics, Banners, Promotional Items, Other)
? What words describe your business’ personality to be represented in the logo? (Ex. Innovative, high tech, old fashioned, etc.)
? What overall ‘look’ do you want this logo to have? Contemporary (modern, current) Whimsical (playful, fanciful), Conservative (conventional, traditional), Avant-garde (innovative, progressive), other.

? Who is your target audience? (Consumer, Trade, Internal)
? What else can you tell us about your audience?
? Who are your competitors and what kind of logos are they using?
? What do you like or dislike about their logos? Project Information
? Are there any icons that should be incorporated in the logo? (Leaf, apple, lighting bolt, etc)
? Would you prefer a picture design, initial design, a company name design or a graphic symbol?
? Does your business have any pre-existing colors or color combinations? Anything you do not want the logo to have?
? Your Sketches/Drawings of logo design and of project ideas?

For a company/ organization desiring to have a logo design, they must have to define all these terms to get their inimitable identity.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Does a Brand Logo Help in Growth of a Business?

I am frequently asked, whether the principals of the landmark concepts from a business book really works? My view is always affirmative towards this question. The other query evolves like "Can you really use the power of your mind to manifest or create things for the elongated life of your business?" The answer is positive again, but the secret behind that triumph can be achieved not only from knowledge but also from the expertise and the experience.

As the bigger corporate businesses have their own identity in market and their brands are famous by their mother sign which are there logos for their products, then there is a need of business logo design for new firm which has to go beyond success and having a will to stamp in there position in the global corporate zone.

The customized logo design gives a newly born firm a real and rare representation in the market and helps the company to encroach and capture it aggressively with a shorter period of time.

Considering the significance of a logo, it is vital to make a wise choice of a design firm. You should pick a company that has adequate of experience in the field of logo designing. The entrepreneur should first seek out on the Internet or get information from other sources about a credible and reliable firm. After deciding a design firm, the one should assess the services presented to its customers. The firm should be a certified one. It should have a proper physical address and other contact details.

The design firm logos are the best choice for entrepreneur in developing their sign of success. Because the those firms have their highly experience custom logos design department which possess a in detail research of the target market and the best graphic skill to contain with, the design firm will take the full responsibility to guarantee you the uniqueness of a logo.

Explain your goal and company profile to them and sit behind and watch what wonder they will create for your business which makes you walk on a path from small business to a corporate and the towards making you recognized globally.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Imagine an Earth without the feel and sense of the color. What would happen if every thing would be having black and white appearance, the black sky, the white flowers, the black leaves and the butterflies flying in patchy black and white sounds a looks weird.

We all know how important color in our lives. Color is a direct stimulant to the mind of a person. Whenever we catch the sight of colors, we connect with them instantly. It transpires faster than we can read a single word.

We know about that dominant connection between consumers and color. We are also familiar with that color can influence opinions in less time than it takes to blink an eye.

Companies have learned that even a slight change in color scheme or addition of a different hue can result in big sales increases. Color is a big part of effective logo design.

It is advisable to use prominent colors for a company logo design. A blend of color may create confusion in the mind of the people. Diverse color scheme should be used in order to bring out the concrete memo of an organization. It is only after a proper study and exploration with a research perspective. An uncommitted and unmotivated effort can never give out a proper result.

Meaning of colors must be taken in account because they will reflect the profile, feel and soul of a firm and their product. Like BLACK: defines Mystery, secrecy, tradition. BLUE: describes Power, calmness, success, and trustworthiness. BROWN: shows Earth and nature, simplicity, seriousness. GREEN: showers Harmony, health and healing, nature and animals, money. ORANGE: rains Affordability, fun, youth, creativity, celebration. PURPLE: excludes Fantasy and dreams, justice, royalty. RED: expresses Excitement, action, adventure, love, passion, food. WHITE: tells Simplicity, cleanliness, innocence. YELLOW: justifies Cheerfulness, playfulness, curiosity, amusement

Management of color is both subjective and technical exercise. Selection of the right colors and combination of colors for a logo design process can involve many tries until the designer feel the result is right.

Using colors to a company's advantage is not easy. There is range of colors to choose from, but the exact choice has to be made in order to make a logo successful.