Friday, May 28, 2010

Do you know how important part your suppliers play in your business’s success?

Do you know what part suppliers play, or can play in your business success? Well, suppliers are the ones who help you to build your company’s credibility. How do they do it, there are so many reasons for that. Let’s talk about the top 3;

1. On time delivery: Delivery issues can make your customers vanish like they were never there. This unfortunate scenario can occur when your customers aren’t getting their ordered products on time. Here, the one who is responsible for this is your supplier, so you have to make sure that the supplier you deal with is dependable and give you on-time delivery.

2. Quality of goods: It is apparent that you will be able to make people trust you only if your products are good. Building good relation with the suppliers helps small business owners to get good quality material from the suppliers because the supplier won’t trick you if you have a good relation with him and when he is happy doing business with you.

3. Competitiveness: it’s the suppliers who can tell you exactly what your competitors doing with their products as they are in the market and hold links with other suppliers so they can tell you what’s going on in the market. Also, they can give you tips on how you can make your product different and better from the rest of your competitors with new business ideas.

Many people take the suppliers for granted and think that because they write the order, they're in the dominant position and can exploit it with unfair demands, rather you should work nicely towards building a good business relation with him so you can work productively on long term basis.

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