Friday, April 29, 2011

Two File Formats That Every Graphic Designer Should Prefer

Won’t you get confused when a graphic designer delivers you with a brand mark identity that is in a file format that you never heard of or you don’t know? In addition to this, you are going in circles so as to choose appropriate software for this. This post will inform you about two different file formats that are frequently used by contemporary professional graphic designers. If you will read the following information, I am sure you will not find it difficult to use your newly made logo designs.

First one is the logo.eps. Basically, EPS is an acronym encapsulated post script which is widely preferred by many graphic designers because of the ease it provides during commercial printing. This file format is the best when one needs to convert a file into another web application. Furthermore, the scalability it provides cannot be compared with anything else. Encapsulated post script is one of such file formats that is supportable by almost web browsers.

Another one which I think is a worth mentioning file format is logo gif which is an acronym for graphic interchange format. It is one of the most commonly used formats because the convenience it provides due to the low resolution supported by almost every graphic design software and web browsers which makes it even better for a client to understand and use. Therefore, due to the high usability, these two file formats are very much preferred by everyone.

There are other file formats as well such as JPEG, PSD, PDF, TIF etc that are also used by many graphic designers to deliver a logo but the smart one always go for the preceding formats in order to make sure that the client is not having any problem using them.

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