Friday, October 28, 2011

Ideas from Popular Brands with Animal Logo – Make Your Emblem Memorable

The simplest way to make your cool animal logos appear more intimidating and unapproachable to its opponents is to use illustrations of wild life in your symbol design. There are so many animals, which you can include as a part of your design, which can illustrate your company and product features very effectively.

Eagle or a hawk:

This bird is famous for its supremacy, authority and domination.
If you want your client to respect you, this illustration is the best one. Especially, if you are dealing in airlines or you are associated with a political party, an eagle with outstretched wings is a perfect illustration. It is not necessary that you use the whole body of the eagle; you can also use its features, such as, its ferocious red eyes, or its claws.


The horses represent the dignity, power, elegance and liberty, because two most important brands, Ford and Ferrari have used illustrations of the horses in the business icons. You can use many illustrations of horses as suitable for your business type. For example, for a farm, you can use an illustration of a galloping horse in the desert, or a prancing horse on the mountain. In the same way, for gents fashion garments, you can use an illustrated image of a horse looking egotistical.


They may be little, but the influence they have can be very effective indeed. The use of aquatic creatures can design beautiful brands with animal logo, imaginative and ingenious. Not only will these images reflect life under water, but will also represent your restaurant, a technological or a marketing agency. For instance, an eating place, you can apply an image of the skeleton of the fish in the name of the place. Likewise, for a technology corporation, you can employ a color picture of 3D fish.

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