Thursday, November 8, 2012

Jet Pro Car Valet Set out

Eric and Anna started with an initiative, a place and a filthy GMC. It was the birth of Jet Pro Car Valet and the commencement of a family custom. The initiative started to make in 2004. Eric and Anna traveled to Wenatchee to meet Anna's father and wanted a well-organized and suitable location to wash their car.

The primary thing the Anna did was seek out professional assist. They appointed an individual to find a name for the car wash, design a business identity and make an advertising plan. Eric, a private airline pilot, was the motivation at the back the name and hand car wash logo of Jet Pro. The advertising also fell in proportion to the airline idea, with supreme service, a fast wash and a sociable, well-informed staff. "They did such a fantastic work with our business identity that people frequently inquire if we are a franchise," Eric said.

After investigating over 40 dissimilar car washes in the Northwest, the Anna selected a Hanna Detail system and concentrated in on the North Wenatchee Street place. Eric and Anna invested in the top maker of car wash systems in order to give most excellent to their clients. "We selected Hanna Car Wash Systems for the reason that they have been in this area since 1960, they are distributed international and they have a superb status." Eric said.

High-tech machines are a small element of what makes Jet Pro Car Valet exclusive to the Wenatchee vicinity. Jet Pro also proffers reasonable prices, debit card alternatives, uniformed and expert workers. "We desire to make it an enjoyable experience. At Jet Pro, we desire to proffer a good, tidy, neat facility for clients with first-class service, outstanding workers and a sparkling, dry car that appears the other end." This viewpoint is precisely what clients of Jet Pro Car Valet have come to value and hinge on.

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