Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Shortcut to Trust and Credibility

Importance of Logo Design to Branding and Marketing

The brand is a powerful visual language used to support a company’s communication with its consumers. The aim and objective of the brand is to create a lasting impression that results in a consumer bond and creates loyal customers. The logo is the point of entry to a brand.

Business logos design is a reflection of the brand strategy. Being a visual tool that supports the brand, business logos are very important. A business logo design is the face of a brand, but it is not the brand. However it helps it to be recognized and acknowledged. Not having a business logo would be like being a faceless person.

One might have a great physique, a great personality and a radio voice, but without a face no one would ever be able to identify that person. There would not be anything to tie all those things together.

However the logo design is the mental image of a brand, it is the fastest way for a firm to be recognized and even preferred, a logo by itself is not a brand, but a brand without a logo is, in my opinion, incomplete.

Throughout the modern era, corporate logo design continued to increase in significance as a product differentiators and a corporate identifier. Today, logos have become such a part of the modern landscape that not only do we often fail to realize how ubiquitous they have become, but we could hardly function without them acting as signposts, helping us navigate supermarket aisles, newsstands, department stores, and even city streets.

Busy consumers on the sidewalks of today’s metropolis, for example, are constantly on the lookout for logos that can direct them at-a-glance to ATM machines, fast food restaurants, popular clothing stores, and vending machines.

Brands send messages to consumers that the products or services they represent are superior to those of their marketplace rivals. This is becoming increasingly important as today’s consumer becomes more and more “cash rich and time poor,” meaning that consumers are forced to rely on corporate identity and product branding to help them choose quickly among an ever-increasing number of competing products and services.

Symbols like brand logos are more than “mere labels” for branded products; they serve as “visual shorthand” for communicating a brand message and promise to consumers. So it concludes that if a business wants to create a brand image in the market then they must own a business logo design which holds their identity and helps in Branding Marketing Strategy.

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