Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pick Out the Right Font for the Right Business Logo

The type of font you select for your business logo, depict the overall philosophy of a business and product and services offered. Right colors with the right style are really necessary, but fonts also play vital role for the success of a logo as well as brand image. Different style of fonts conveys different messages. Therefore, spending a reasonable amount of time on selecting a font type according to your business, target market and overall philosophy is mandatory.

There are thousands of different styles of fonts available in the market, but all fall into four groups of font family.

Serif and Sans-Serif Font Type

Serifs are non structural details on the end of some of the strokes that makeup letters and symbols. A font with serifs is considered as serif font, whereas font without serifs is known as sans-serif font. It’s easier to read serif fonts in print but difficult to recognize in small size on the screen. Hence, it is recommended that you use sans-serif font for your business logo design as it doesn’t have embroideries at the end of strokes.

 Script Font Type

Script fonts are broadly used on perfume bottles and wedding invitations because of it handwriting look and feel. This font type is elegant and coveys the feelings of gracefulness.

Decorative Font Type

Decorative font is widely used on the logos of children products, entertainment and fun business. This font depicts the sense of fun and entertainment that entertain your eyes.

Whenever go for a logo design for your business, with careful consideration of color, style and other things, consider font as another important thing which can represent emotions and bridge communication between you and your target audience.

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