Friday, December 11, 2009

Points to Remember Before Going to a Logo Designer

If you are a new business, and want to have a new logo, you should remember that logo design for every business is different. For instance, a logo design for a toy business should not have attributes similar to an automotive logo design. But few things an every business owner should remember before going to a designer for logo designing.

1. Your upcoming logo should be simple in design and should not have more than 2 colors.
2. A photograph in a logo can never be an appropriate choice.
3. Try to represent your industry and business in a logo design. This tip is most important for small business logo design.
4. Set your budget before approaching a logo design company.
5. Comparative analysis of logo design firms is necessary before placing an order.
6. Remember to ask how many design formats a design company will provide you.
7. Ask the delivery time.
8. Finally, don’t forget to trademark your logo.

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