Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Matter of Longevity in Logo Design

It is by far the most important quality of a corporate logo design that it should be able to portray the real message over an extended period of time. It should have ability to never fadeout with time and cultural changes. It may feel good to have a logo which is trendy, but how would you feel if you have to change it after a few years.

No business owner would like to have a logo which would be perceived as either outdated or old. Logos which are designed with a focus on current trends get outdated and old fashioned in a short period of time. Hence, one should take care of the longevity in a logo design while designing a one for his business.

The Logo of ABC: Since 1962

Have a look at a logo of the news channel ABC. The brand logo was developed by Paul Rand and used by the company since 1962 till 2006. In these 44 years, the company didn’t feel like to change because of its longevity. It was designed with the promise of durability, functionality, usefulness, rightness and beauty.

Now ABC has been using the variation of the same logo since 2007.

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