Friday, May 6, 2011

Three Things You Should Know About Free Logo Creator Online

Free is the word that attracts everyone, which is why, various websites uses this phenomenon to lure the audience. I know that’s wrong but free has become link bait. The tragedy is not limited to website but softwares as well.

Although, some are free for real but not all of them says the truth.

We are talking about free logo creator that you can find in a huge quantity over the internet. These flash-driven websites may present you various short term benefits by downloading their software but the reality is other way round, you have to pay the price in the end!

You will be asked to pay the price in two terms:

1-In the form of your hard won money.

2-In the form of your brand, product, service or company’s reputation.
Can we say you will be paying the price of destroying your own company’s image? Though, it may render you some short term benefits but in the long run, you will be facing the fire and there will be no way out. You will be then DOWN FOR THE COUNT!

Some problems that you didn’t know before are:

1-It is not free. Check it out after downloading, it will definitely charge you 39$, 49$ or even 99$ to use the clipart which you can get for free as well. Open Microsoft PowerPoint or word and collect as many clipart as you want.

2-Your competitor might be using free logo creator online as well as you are not the only person who may be subjected to the free idea.

3-It is not legal. In other words, you cannot claim the rights at any case if you encounter the same looking logo somewhere else. He has the same rights of using free softwares just like the way you can.

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