Sunday, May 29, 2011

Free Lance Logo Designer - To Hire Or Not Hire!

This article will provide you with a sneak peek into the thought of hiring freelance logo designers. They are undoubtedly cheap as compared to the graphic design companies but can cost you much more later on. That way a business owner has to suffer a lot unless he studies a lot before hiring any kind of online service. There are thousands of disadvantages associated with a freelance logo designer that include:

1-He may be a fraud:

You never know, he will run away after the final payment. There are so many online frauds going on these days just because many people just hire any service without researching about them.

2-No customer support:

Unlike professional graphic design company, he won’t be able to serve you 24/7 because of the fact that he may be sleeping at nights. Companies who are serious about their business and clients provide 24 hours customer support.


He may be inexperienced and amateur. He is merely trying to practice his expertise on you because you are a new fish and you don’t know anything about online world. This is why, many of the freelance graphic designers’ charges very low as compare to the experienced ones.


You may even don’t know if he is registered or not. That way, logo designers can’t show their credibility to you and you won’t hire them if you are smart enough. Even if he show one to you; who knows its for real?

Hence, four points are the major ones as there are thousands of other disadvantages that are enough to convince the readers about freelance logo designers and their unreliability.

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