Tuesday, January 10, 2012

3 Factors That Decide the Success of an Italian Food Logo

A good food logo is the only effective remedy restaurants have to advertise and promote their business. A brand mark is en element that can be included in any type of advertisement, it is and identity of a business, it gives the business title a pictorial or symbolic representation. Sometimes, people don’t remember the name of the restaurant, but they can easily recall the brand mark and can instantly recognize it if they see it somewhere. So it is necessary that the brand mark must be given a lot of thinking before designing it.

The brand mark should be designed so effectively that it can convey the intended message to the customers. It must be able to tell the customers about your cuisine, your specialties, and the environment that your customers will experience. They must feel that the restaurant brand mark is communicating them, enticing them to visit the restaurant.

The following are the 3 crucial factors that decide the success of an Italian food logo:

1. The name:

The restaurant title is the building block of the brand mark. What does your name mean to you? It is your identity. Similarly, a restaurant is remembered and recognized by its title. When a business does not have a name, it is very difficult to mention it to somebody; this becomes an obstacle in its success and restricts familiarity.

2. The design:

This is the making of the brand mark. After the name, comes the design and takes the position of second most important factor of success. With the name of the place comes the brand mark design, and if it is not attractive or made from a clumsy hand then the main purpose of the brand mark will be lost.

3. The color:

The choice of colors should resemble the items of a plate, so that the brand mark conveys the correct message.

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