Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Ways of Making Your Wedding Logo Monogram Even More Special

You want to keep your last name even after marriage? That should not be a very big deal; you can still have an attractive custom wedding logo for your marriage. You can use only the first names, or the initials. Furthermore, you could design by using both of your last names. This will give a new and a distinctive edge to your design.

Applying the couple’s initials with the couple’s sir name initial in the middle is a characteristic and stylish way to design the monogram but you can also overlie the couple’s initials jointly with their family name watermarked in the backdrop so make the drawing delicately dissimilar. You can also get rid of the family forename from the design and apply the two initials in two dissimilar lines with a wavy looking ‘&’ in the middle. This will make your design look pleasing to the eye, fashionable and classy.

Use typefaces that are cursive as they will add a dreamlike and daydream like feeling to your brand mark. The lettering style that would look most proper is script fonts that look like handwriting so that the wedding logo monogram design looks personal and individual. The size of the font on the emblem should be large enough to be unmistakably readable but small enough so that it does not devastate the entire design.

Using a four-side shaped frame is dull and very general.

Instead of using that, you can trial with different forms. You can border the symbol with a flowerlike shape or enclose the design with a rhombus, heart or a soft edged asterisk. For the frame drawing, instead of using the indispensable lines, you can use a garland, flora, waves or small bandings to encircle the design. Whichever frame style you use, make certain that it is nominal and convoluted so that it does not take the concentration away from the initials.

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