Monday, October 5, 2009


Imagine an Earth without the feel and sense of the color. What would happen if every thing would be having black and white appearance, the black sky, the white flowers, the black leaves and the butterflies flying in patchy black and white sounds a looks weird.

We all know how important color in our lives. Color is a direct stimulant to the mind of a person. Whenever we catch the sight of colors, we connect with them instantly. It transpires faster than we can read a single word.

We know about that dominant connection between consumers and color. We are also familiar with that color can influence opinions in less time than it takes to blink an eye.

Companies have learned that even a slight change in color scheme or addition of a different hue can result in big sales increases. Color is a big part of effective logo design.

It is advisable to use prominent colors for a company logo design. A blend of color may create confusion in the mind of the people. Diverse color scheme should be used in order to bring out the concrete memo of an organization. It is only after a proper study and exploration with a research perspective. An uncommitted and unmotivated effort can never give out a proper result.

Meaning of colors must be taken in account because they will reflect the profile, feel and soul of a firm and their product. Like BLACK: defines Mystery, secrecy, tradition. BLUE: describes Power, calmness, success, and trustworthiness. BROWN: shows Earth and nature, simplicity, seriousness. GREEN: showers Harmony, health and healing, nature and animals, money. ORANGE: rains Affordability, fun, youth, creativity, celebration. PURPLE: excludes Fantasy and dreams, justice, royalty. RED: expresses Excitement, action, adventure, love, passion, food. WHITE: tells Simplicity, cleanliness, innocence. YELLOW: justifies Cheerfulness, playfulness, curiosity, amusement

Management of color is both subjective and technical exercise. Selection of the right colors and combination of colors for a logo design process can involve many tries until the designer feel the result is right.

Using colors to a company's advantage is not easy. There is range of colors to choose from, but the exact choice has to be made in order to make a logo successful.

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