Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Unique Logo Designs of the Film Industry

A film company’s logo is the first thing shown at the start of a movie but gains the least attention of its viewers.

Whenever I watched a movie from the start, the film maker’s logo design always grabbed my attention. Although logo design is not what a person is there to watch, nevertheless a film maker’s logo does have a faint bit of attraction there. If one looked closely, logo designs of film companies hold their own meanings and there is an interesting air about them. Some unique logo designs are discussed here for your information.

The Warner Brothers Logo design

The Warner Brothers logo is there on the scene since 1918. The logo design is based on a shield with WB initials in the middle of it. Like any other famous logo design, the WB logo has also gone through few changes during its ninety years or so. However, its shield remained the unique part of the logo design.

MGM Logo design

MGM is short for Metro Goldwyn Mayer which started in 1924. This unique logo design features the lion as the prime symbol placed between film reels in an artistic manner. The full name of the company also appears at the top of the lion showing the power behind an impressive logo design.

The Walt Disney Pictures Logo design

This famous logo design shows a castle under an arch with the name Walt Disney Pictures at the bottom. The castle depicts the well renowned main theme of the Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

Paramount Pictures Logo design

The Paramount Pictures logo design with the word Paramount encircled by stars and the famous mountain image in the background is simply breathtaking. Although this unique logo design has seen few changes but the central ideas of the mountain and encircling stars remains the same.

The Universal Logo design

The Universal logo design has been through a lot of changes since its inception but the main feature is still there. At first, the logo design had a globe with the company name encircling it while the newer versions show the name in the foreground.

The Columbia Pictures Logo design

Yet another unique logo design that despite some reworks, retains the essence of its central idea, The Columbia Lady with her famous torch. This is one of the logo designs I recognize from my childhood days.

The Unique Logo design of 20th Century Fox Pictures

Another expressive logo design that has seen changes over the years but its unique feature the main tower and search lights remain in the picture. This one is also a favorite in my list of unique logo designs.

Stay tuned for more basic information on stylish and unique logo designs of the film industry.

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